happy monday y’all!

sunday night mustache night

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It’s finally come back ‘round
couch drunk

yo so I’ve developed like a pretty avid hobby in the past couple months called couch drunk. If you don’t understand what couch drunk is or are trying to get involved in the movement here is my definition:

couch drunk

to get drunk on the couch, preferably in the dark, preferably by yourself, though one or two other people is acceptable as long as it is not planned (any more than one or two people is a social event and does not qualify as couch drunk). Couch drunk is a philosophy, couch drunk is a religion, it is a ritualistic experience in which you purify yourself of all shitty feelings and drink all bad vibes away, it may sound depressing but it is actually so much fun and I recommend it to everybody. Some people don’t understand it, for example I may be hanging out with 4 or 5 people and I say I’m going to get couch drunk, and they ask will you be social with us, and that question just doesn’t really make sense in the context of couch drunk, like it’s just all about getting drunk by yourself on the couch, you may do it with other people but it will either be while you’re watching a weird awkward show or something with other people and you barely speak, or you’re with one other person and you have a weird interesting conversation with them for a couple hours, depending on if anybody comes across the couch during the course of the couch drunk. It is a very solitary experience but can also offer the opportunity to connect on a very deep level with a very specific person. people ask me what couch drunk is like and I say it’s like going to church, I have to do it at least twice a week to feel right, to feel normal, to connect with the sacred. couch drunk is real, couch drunk is life. couch drunk 4evr

(ps I’m very couch drunk right now)